PHIRST South Bank

PHIRST South Bank is led by London South Bank University and is a collaboration between 5 of our research centres across health, psychology, sports science, engineering, and social sciences. This team of academics has a wealth of experience of working with local authorities and the voluntary sector researching public health and health inequalities. The interdisciplinary approach of the PHIRST South Bank team means it is well placed to respond to the multidimensional nature of public health priorities and the complex interventions designed to address them.

Our evaluations are co-produced with our local partners through a series of participatory workshops that: clarify the aims and processes of the intervention; establish a logic model and theory of change underpinning the intervention; and identify the existing evidence and gaps in knowledge. Through this process we are able to agree an evaluation question that is feasible and useful both to the local stakeholders but also to the wider public health community, and to design a robust evaluation that can be undertaken within a timescale that is useful for local decision making.

Important to our approach is ensuring that patient and public involvement is built into decisions at both a Centre level and locally in the design and delivery of each evaluation.

We are supported through an advisory group consisting of Directors of Public Health, Public Health Wales, Healthy Belfast, Glasgow Centre for Population Health, Black Thrive, Glasgow Caledonian University, St George’s University of London and Shaping People’s Lives.